Noble View Building Users Guide

To make your stay enjoyable, please review


Noble View Camp provides excellent hospitality and facilities with a schedule of conservation, educational, and recreational programs for our day and overnight guests.

Noble View instills respect for the natural environment by providing opportunities for the enjoyment of its beauty and wise stewardship.

Noble View is a self-service facility that could be shared with others during your stay. Please be considerate, introduce yourself, and discuss the sharing of chore responsibilities as outlined, as well as sharing of the kitchen.

Noble View will keep the facility as economically affordable as possible thru our volunteers

Noble View’s volunteer-managed initiative and energy is vital to our present and future.

As guests you are part of our volunteer team, you may be asked to complete a chore during your stay and be responsible for its completion.


Emergency Protocols:

It is everyone’s responsibility to see that emergency response procedures are followed as outlined below


  • Alert all guests: "Fire! Evacuate the building."
  • Pull fire alarm located at rear kitchen/dining room door on the right.
  • Have a guest meet and direct the fire truck.
  • If possible, attempt to extinguish fire using fire extinguishers on premises. Do not endanger yourself.
  • Assemble occupants at designated location and account for all. Advise authorities of any missing person.
  • Access medical attention for injured, if required.

Injury/Medical Emergency:

  • Determine severity of situation (i.e. cardiac arrest, profuse bleeding, and severe trauma) and call 911 to arrange for EMTs to come to premises. Have a guest meet and direct the emergency responders.
  • Identify individuals qualified to assist (Dr., Nurse, EMT).
  • Be prepared to provide identify, age, known medical problems, medications and circumstances of injury.
  • If minor injury, provide first aid from the first aid kit located in the building.
  • An Accident Report must be filed with the Noble View Committee for all injuries no mater how small.

Camp Regulations

  • Noble View is a self-service facility that could be shared with others during your stay. Please be considerate, introduce yourself, and discuss the sharing of chore responsibilities as outlined, as well as sharing of the kitchen. As guests, you are our volunteer team.
  • Review fire evacuation routes posted on the back of all bedroom doors.
  • Respect our property, furniture, and appliances. Treat them as your own.
  • Quiet hours are 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the BUILDINGS or on the decks.
  • Please do not burn trash, paper plates or cardboard in the wood stoves
  • Dogs are not allowed in any of the buildings unless approved by other occupants. Dogs must have an up to date rabies vaccination record or tag that must be available during the stay. The dog must be under control at all times. Only two dogs per party are permitted during an overnight stay.
    • Help us maintain a clean, healthy environment. Always clean up after your pet. Properly dispose of pet waste and pet food
  • Familiarize yourself with the wood stove operation (as enclosed and posted). If you are unfamiliar with wood stove operations, please ask for assistance from the registrar.
    • Empty ashes out of the stoves when you arrive, but otherwise do not extinguish the stove fire to empty or empty the ashes from a hot stove. The hot ashes will sound the fire alarm & the Fire Dept will arrive. To extinguish the stove when you leave open the air damper all of the way to maximum hot & let it burn out. You may leave the stove burning when you leave it is safe.
  • Please turn off the lights when you leave a room. We are committed to energy conservation.
  • No cell phones or laptops in the Buildings. Radios may be played only with earphones.
  • Candles are not permitted in any of the buildings at any time (STATE FIRE REGULATIONS).
  • Consumption of wine and beer (no hard liquor) is RESTRICTED to Social Hour and Dinner.
  • Hang wet clothing and towels on the clothesline, located in the area of the wood shed to dry. Do not hang these items on chairs, railings, or in the rooms.
  • Carry in, Carry out procedures – LEAVE NO TRACE: Anything brought in by a guest must be removed by that guest. This includes all leftover food and trash. Noble View has no means of trash disposal. Please familiarize yourself with proper waste disposal and conservation methods.
  • Familiarize yourself with the kitchen setup and the appliances that are assigned.
  • Outside fireplace and campfire areas will be shared with other day & overnight guests.


The speed limit on our property is 15 MPH.

ALL PARKING except for handicap vehicles must park in the upper parking lot (marked). It is permissible to drive to the building to unload & reload. Parking in a handicap area within the state of Massachusetts is a $300.00 fine – the State Police check & will issue tickets.

Adult Supervision of Youth Guests

Youth guests must be actively supervised by adult chaperones

Disorderly Conduct

Behavior that causes others to complain and/or a disregard for rules may result in eviction without refund.


  • Lights are florescent cold start (-28 degree) low mercury they require a short warm up time to reach full brightness.
  • Please shut off lights when not in use.

Bath House/Restroom Procedure

The sanitary waste system is off a unique recycling design that has been installed uses no water to protect our environment and to minimize environmental impact.

  • The toilet uses no water or chemicals
  • Waste is composted in the equipment below the floor

Please familiarize yourself and your guests with the composting toilets directions for use as posted

  • Please push the button at the rear top of the toilet once before use and once after use.
  • Do not throw cigarettes, plastics, bottle, cans or feminine products into the recycling toilet.
  • Sealable – liquid proof bags are provided for feminine products to CARRY OUT.


  • Multiple areas for dishwashing are provided within the common area for all to share
  • Dishwashing soap and scrub pads are provided for your use.
  • Grey bus pans are provided for transporting dishes, etc to the dishwashing area
  • Green drying racks are provided under the dish wash sinks
  • Please clean food scraps from the sink drainers after use.

Hot Water Use

Hot water is provided through a heating system that ONLY provides hot water on demand. Hot water at the sinks and showers may take several minutes to reach you at the point of use. NO hot water is stored in a tank thus saving energy by not continuously heating water when there is no demand.

Water: Safe potable water is available at the Bath House for cooking and drinking. There are food grade five (5) gallon & smaller containers to transport water located in each building’s kitchen area, be sure you wash them before use.

CLEAN-UP of the BUILDING – your responsibility

Do not leave trash in the Bath House / Restrooms or food scraps in the dish sinks. Anything brought in by a guest must be removed by that guest. This includes all leftover soap left in the showers, food and trash.

A janitor will sanitize the building after your departure

Outside Fireplace and Campfire Areas

  • Care must be taken when using outside fireplace & campfire areas.
  • Please do not leave the fire unattended, the fire must be in your control at all times
  • Do not burn trash; only use firewood as provided
  • During the existence of extreme fire hazard periods (outside burning bans), no fires will be permitted in any outside fireplaces or fire pits
  • Campfires must be extinguished by midnight
  • Do not burn trash, glass, cans, or any other non flammable items in the fire rings or stoves
  • $5.00 will be charged if these items are found in the fire rings or wood stoves

You’re responsible for:

  • Cleanup
  • Reporting damage
  • Locking doors and closing windows

Noble View is a self-service facility that strives to keep costs as low as possible by volunteer management and the self-service policy. There are no janitors or housekeepers to clean up after you. Please do your part to maintain these facilities.

Any damages and cleaning up of dishes and the building will be deducted from your deposit. Any additional damage costs not covered by the deposit will be collected to the full extent as permitted by law.

These regulations will be strictly enforced.


Russell Fire Dept. 911

State Police (Russell) 911

For all backcountry emergencies contact the STATE POLICE
(Medical or search-and-rescue are accomplished only through the State Police)

Noble Hospital Directions

Return to Westfield by the way of General Knox Road crossing Northwest Road while staying on Western Avenue, passing by Westfield State College and Stanley Park. At the second intersection with a light (Western Ave. turns into Court Street) the HOSPITAL Emergency Room will be diagonally across the street on the right.

State Police Directions

Follow South Quarter Road back to the intersection of General Knox Road. At the intersection turn left. You will pass Russell Pond on your left (1/2 mile). You will go 1.2 miles to the intersection of Route 23. At the intersection, turn right. Continue to the intersection of Route 20, 1.7 miles from intersection of General Knox Road and turn onto ROUTE 20 WEST. State Police barracks is 2.4 miles on the left.



(Please contact one of the following)


REGISTRAR: 413-572-4501

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