Photo taken by James Nardacci, Jr.

Bath House/Restroom Procedure

The sanitary waste system is off a unique recycling design that has been installed uses no water to protect our environment and to minimize environmental impact.

  • The toilet uses no water or chemicals
  • Waste is composted in the equipment below the floor

Please familiarize yourself and your guests with the composting toilets directions for use as posted

  • Please push the button at the rear top of the toilet once before use and once after use.
  • Do not throw cigarettes, plastics, bottle, cans or feminine products into the recycling toilet.
  • Sealable – liquid proof bags are provided for feminine products to CARRY OUT.


  • Multiple areas for dishwashing are provided within the common area for all to share
  • Dishwashing soap and scrub pads are provided for your use.
  • Grey bus pans are provided for transporting dishes, etc to the dishwashing area
  • Please clean food scraps from the sink drainers after use.

Hot Water Use

Hot water is provided through a heating system that ONLY provides hot water on demand. Hot water at the sinks and showers may take several minutes to reach you at the point of use. NO hot water is stored in a tank thus saving energy by not continuously heating water when there is no demand.

Water: Safe potable water is available at the Bath House for cooking and drinking. There are food grade five (5) gallon & smaller containers to transport water located in each building’s kitchen area, be sure you wash them before use.

CLEAN-UP of the BUILDING – your responsibility

Do not leave trash in the Bath House / Restrooms or food scraps in the dish sinks. Anything brought in by a guest must be removed by that guest. This includes all leftover soap left in the showers, food and trash.

A janitor will sanitize the building after your departure.

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